Belief in The Hereafter – 13 – The Proof that the Value Given to Man Necessitates the Hereafter

Belief in the Hereafter # 13 : The Proof that the Value Given to Man Necessitates the Hereafter Is it at all possible that God Almighty should value man so much, love him, make Himself loved by him, and then should condemn him to non-existence and not give him the endless bliss? No, never! Regarding […]

Belief in The Hereafter – 12 – The Proof of Giving Life

Belief in the Hereafter # 12 :The Proof of Giving Life Is it at all possible that God should give life to the vast earth that becomes dead and dry in winter in spring, should demonstrate His power by deploying more than three hundred thousand different forms of creation, each of them as remarkable as […]

Belief in the Hereafter – 9 – The Proof of Grandeur and Majesty

Is it at all possible that the Being who makes all of the beings from atoms to the sun obey his orders like obedient soldiers and who shows His grand sultanate by controlling the whole universe should deal only with the ephemeral beings who live temporarily in this guest-house of the world and should not […]

Belief in the Hereafter – 6 – The Proof of Generosity

The Proof of Generosity Is it at all possible for endless generosity and largesse, unending fortune and treasures not to want an eternal land of bliss and a permanent place of banquet and permanent needy guests in it and to regard it sufficient to have this ephemeral world and the ephemeral guests in it? Definitely […]

Belief in the Hereafter – 5 – The Proof of Justice

The Proof of Justice Is it at all possible for a Just and Wise Being, who does everything with absolute wisdom, not to maintain the rights of His creatures, not to obtain the right of the oppressed from the oppressor andto reduce justice to nothing?  This justice exists virtually here; so, it means there is […]

Belief in the Hereafter – 4 – The Proof of Wisdom

The Proof of Wisdom Is it at all possible that the Lord of Majesty, who does everything with endless wisdom, would not bring the hereafter, would not bestow favors on believers who take refuge in Him and would make His endless wisdom be denied and would reduce that endless wisdom to nothing? Definitely not! We […]

Belief in the Hereafter – 2 – The Proof of Mercy

The Proof of Mercy Is it at all possible that the Lord of this realm, who has endless mercy and compassion with the witnessing of His visible activities, will not reward His genuine slaves in a way that fits His mercy and compassion?  Reward is virtually non-existent here; there must be a place of reward […]

Belief in the Hereafter – 3 – The Proof of Dignity

The Proof of Dignity Is it at all possible that the Dignified and Glorious Lord of this realm should not teach those ill-mannered people who violate the rights of His might and who show disrespect to the grandeur of His Glory and chastise them in a way befitting His dignity and glory? There is no […]

Belief in the Hereafter – 1 – The Proof of Sovereignty

The Proof of Sovereignty Is it at all possible that the Monarch of this universe, the All-Glorious One, should create the universe with quite elevated aims in order to show His perfection, on the other hand, should not give rewards to those who, in return, are faithful and worshipping; and should not punish those who […]

Belief in the Hereafter, Preface

Belief in the Hereafter: Preface “When the sun (with its spacious light) is folded up; When the stars fall, losing their luster; When the mountains vanish (like a mirage); When the she-camels, ten months with young, are left untended; When the wild beasts are herded together (in human habitations); When the oceans boil over with […]