17- The Ears are Active during Sleep

Scientific Miracles of the Qur’an The Ears are Active during Sleep
The story of the people of the cave in the Qur’an refers to many scientific miracles. In this proof, we want to discuss one of these scientific miracles.

The following is stated in the 11th verse of the surah of al-Kahf:

“Then We struck upon their ears (causing them, to go in deep sleep) for a (great) number of years in the cave. (Surah al Kahf: 11)
A very important scientific fact has been referred to in this verse of the Qur’an. It is as follows: The Arabic equivalent of “struck upon” in the verse is the verb “daraba”. In Arabic, this verb bears the metaphorical meaning of “We have made them sleep.” However, when the verb “daraba” is used with the ears, that is, when the phrase “struck upon the ears” is used, this bears the meaning of “preventing the ears from hearing.”

After this explanation, let us pay attention to the verse again: Almighty Allah could have used the expression “We have made them sleep” for the People of the Cave. However, He did not say so; instead, He said, “We struck upon their ears”. Here the preference of the expression “We struck upon their ears” instead of “We have made them sleep” indicates a very interesting scientific fact.
According to the discoveries of scientists, the only organ of sense which is active during sleep is the ear. That is why, we need the alarm of the clock for waking up. Other organs of sense are not active during sleep. Thus, the wisdom of using the expression “We struck upon their ears” by Almighty Allah for the People of the Cave is an indication of closing the senses of hearing of these youngsters and thus their staying asleep for many years without waking. So, with the particular emphasis on the expression “We struck upon their ears”, the scientific fact of the activeness of ears during sleep has been pointed out.

As you see, every word of the Qur’an is full of wisdom. Sometimes it opens a door to a great truth with a single word. And with its every word, it proves that it is the word of Allah.

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