The Proofs of Creation

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Introduction & The Proof of Construction

ACCORDING TO THOSE WHO DON’T BELIEVE IN CREATION The universe originated by a big bang on its own… The gases that spread to the endless space formed billions of galaxies and billions of planets within those galaxies. All of those planets settled in the most appropriate orbits and formed their own systems… In one of […]

Proof #2: The Proof of Possibility

The Proof of Possibility Now together with you, we are going to draw a picture of an animal that you probably have not heard of before. The animal that we are going to draw is the “Armadillo”. By drawing an animal that we may not be familiar with, we will better understand the proof of […]

Proof #3: The Proof of Huduth

The Proof of Huduth If we put a pencil and some paper into a room and let them remain in the same place for a thousand years, do you think it would be possible for the single letter of “A” to come into existence on the paper? Or if we put a piece of wood, […]

Proof # 4: The proof of Giving Shape

The proof of Giving Shape If a 20,000-word dictionary was given to you and you were requested to add a word that was not in there, what must you first do to include this new word in the dictionary? You would first have to memorize all the words in the dictionary because it is not […]

Proof # 5: Names and characteristics cannot exist without having owners.

Names and characteristics cannot exist without having owners. We think that the sun and its seven colors brighten and warm the windows of our home. Now, if we disaffirmed the sun that brightens our windows, then, what would we have to accept? We would have to accept that a sun, its body, and its reality […]

Proof #6: The Proof of the Bestowal of Life

The Proof of the Bestowal of Life It is not possible but if it was possible; let us suppose that someone brought a dead bird back to life in front of our eyes. We would be so shocked and would deny what our eyes saw. We would not be able to forget this incident until […]

Proof #7: The Proof of the Bestowal of a Soul

The Proof of the Bestowal of a Soul Like the bestowal of life, the bestowal of a soul is a reality that proves God’s existence. Nevertheless, the existence of the soul cannot be explained by any other cause except God. It is not possible to deny God after one accepts the soul’s reality. However, there […]

Proof #8: The Proof of Order

The Proof of Order The reality of order is one of the greatest proofs of God’s existence. There is such an order in everything in the universe, from a fly’s wing, to the stars in the skies, to an atom, to the depths of the seas, that it reflects the Creator’s existence like a sun. […]

Proof # 9: The proof of Divine Incitation

The proof of Divine Incitation If you were to enlarge a person to the size of a city in your imagination, then his/her veins would probably be as wide as a road. Would you be able to find your way if you were put into this body and were expected to visit the ear or […]

Proof # 10: The Proof of Mold

The Proof of Mold If you wanted to make a ping-pong ball, what would you have to do first? The first thing you would have to do is to set up a mold for the ball because without a mold you would not be able to produce the ball. The necessity for a mold applies […]

Proof #11: The Proof of Help

The Proof of Help When we carefully look at this universe, we see beings going to one another for help. Cells depend on atoms; organs depend on cells; the body relies on its organs; plants and animals depend on clouds; and people rely on animals. Everything goes to another for help and completes another’s task. […]

Proof # 12: The Proof of Wisdom

The Proof of Wisdom Every creature in this universe has its own specific goal, purpose, benefit, and result. No sense of aimlessness, purposelessness, futileness, and wastefulness is seen in any being. It is not possible for mindless and unconscious causes to realize these goals and purposes on their own and to create things based on […]

Proof # 13: The Proof of Giving Sustenance

The Proof of Giving Sustenance If you were to walk into a room and saw that a meal was set up in its center, and although the meal was not very rich: there was a piece of bread, some olives, and a glass of water, would you be convinced that this meal occurred coincidentally and […]

Proof # 14: The Proof of Balance

The Proof of Balance The flawless balance that is visible in this universe is a proof that shines like the sun affirming that it was God Almighty who established this universe. Every being in this universe including microorganisms, plants, animals, etc wants to invade the earth. However, their inclinations and desires are prevented by an […]

Proof # 15: The Proof of Training

The Proof of Training When we see commandos going down from the top level of an apartment building to its bottom with ropes, we are amazed, we applaud, and we compliment them. Could a spider do a better job than a commando? With the string that it weaves, the spider goes up and down in […]

Chapter 16: The Proof of Cause and Effect

The Proof of Cause and Effect If you see a child pulling a train with one arm, you will immediately say, “The one pulling this train cannot be the child because the child does not have the necessary strength to do it. In that case, there must be some other strength that I cannot see […]

Proof # 17: The Proof of Cleanliness

The Proof of Cleanliness   If you saw a street cleaned by a broom and if you did not see the hand sweeping it, would you believe if the whole world claimed that the broom swept the street on its own? Definitely not. You would laugh at this claim because it is necessary to have life […]

Proof # 18: The Proof of the Perfection in Actions

The Proof of the Perfection in Actions The perfection in actions that is visible in this universe refutes the possibility that these actions raise from lifeless and unconscious causes. Putting lifeless and unconscious causes aside, there is such perfection in these actions that the most intelligent of the creatures, the human, is unable to produce […]