HELL, 5:What Does the Quran Say about Hell?

O my soul! Now, I will leave you to some Quranic verses. See what else the Quran says about Hell. Listen to what it says… If you have some share of guidance, you will receive your share from these verses and repent:

Those who reject Our Signs We shall soon cast into the Fire: as often as their skins are roasted through, We shall change them for fresh skins, that they may taste the penalty: for Allah is Exalted in Power, Wise. (an-Nisa 56)

The companions of the fire will call the companions of the garden; “pour down to us water or anything that Allah doth provide for your sustenance.” They will say: “Both these things hath Allah forbidden to those who rejected Him.― Such as took their religion to be mere amusement and play and were deceived by the life of the world.” That day shall We forget them as they forgot the meeting of this day of theirs, and as they rejected Our signs. al-(Araf 50-51)

In gulps will he sip it, but never well he be near swallowing it down his throat: death will come to him from every quarter, yet will he not die: and in front of him will be a chastisement unrelenting. (Ibrahim 17)

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