Deism-2- Why does a person become a deist?

Deism -2- Why does a person become a deist?

Why does a person become a deist? Why does he deny prophets? Is his denial based on an evidence or something else?

We will give answers to those questions in this video. We will regard a deist person as the addressee and talk to him.

Now, we ask the deist:

– How do you know Allah did not send prophets and books? Or, did Allah become visible to you and say to you “I did not send any prophets and books”? It probably did not happen like that. Then, how do you know Allah did not send prophets and books? Know it very well that your denial does not originate from an evidence. Now, we will tell you the reason why you became a deist.

There is a way leading to unbelief in every sin. If that sin is not erased with repentance and asking for forgiveness, it will lead a person to unbelief as follows:

You have indulged in sins and become addicted to sins. You cannot save yourself from sins. The idea of Hell that comes to your mind eliminates the pleasure you take at that moment. While you take pleasure from a sin, penalty in the grave, penalty in Hell and reckoning come to your mind. At that moment, you want Hell not to exist. You even think I wish Allah were not the owner of Hell in order to commit sins easily and have fun.

From this imagination comes the feeling and tendency of denying Allah. First, you want to deny Allah but you cannot do it. For, you also know that a letter cannot be without a writer, a needle without a master and a village without a headman. In that case, how can this realm be without a master and sultan? How can those perfect beings come into being on their own? How can this faultless system be the result of coincidence?

You also think about them and hence cannot deny Allah. However, you find it difficult to obey Allah’s orders. Then, you say to yourself,

“Let there be a creator but not His orders and prohibitions. Let everything be free and legitimate. There should not be any reckoning and penalty.”

The non-existence of orders and prohibitions necessitates the non-existence of prophets and books. This thought causes you to deny the prophets and books. Thanks to this, you commit sins easily and feel comfortable, and thanks to belief in Allah, you feel comfortable by getting rid of loneliness and forlornness. That is, you do not want to be held responsible for any orders; you can commit sins as you wish but you have a creator to ask for help when you are in trouble.

To sum up: You did not prefer deism because of an evidence. The reason for you being a deist is that the fear of Hell and remembering Hell eliminate your pleasure. What makes you a deist is this trick of your soul.

However, if you think as follows you will give up this wrong creed: If you are still a sinner accept the realities of belief, Allah may forgive your sins. You can enter Paradise at least after you are punished for your sins. However, if you deny the realities of belief in order to commit sins easily, you will stay in Hell eternally since you die as an unbeliever and you cannot even smell Paradise.

Our advice to you here is as follows:

If you cannot get rid of your sins, ask forgiveness and guidance from Allah. Take refuge in Him. Do not become a deist in order to commit sins easily. Otherwise, you will repent in your last breath so much that you cannot imagine.

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