Deism-1- Why were so valuable feelings given to man?

Deism-1- Why were so valuable feelings given to man?

Once, a sultan called two of his servants into his presence. He gave ten gold coins to one of them and said to him, “Have a suit of clothes made from a nice fabric.” He gave the other servant a thousand gold coins, put in the servant’s pocket a note on which certain things were written and sent him to a market.

The first servant bought an excellent suit of the finest fabric with the ten gold coins. The second servant acted foolishly; he looked at the first servant and did not read the note in his pocket. He entered a shop. He gave the thousand gold coins to the shopkeeper and asked for a suit. The dishonest shopkeeper thought, “This man looks like a stupid man; he is giving one thousand gold coins for a fabric that can be bought for ten gold coins.” He gave the man a suit of the very worst-quality fabric.

Then, the wretched servant, who spent all the money on a bad quality fabric, entered into the presence of the sultan. The sultan punished him because he did not read the note and because he spent the money on a bad fabric. He said to the servant, “If I had wanted you to buy a low quality fabric, I would not have given you a thousand gold coins, but ten gold coins as I gave the other servant. For, the best fabric is sold for ten gold coins in this market. You should have understood when I gave you a thousand gold coins that I did not send you to the market to buy a suit. If you had read the note on the paper I put in your pocket, you would have understood why you were sent to the market and you would not have wasted your money. Now suffer the consequences.”

We will explain the example now:

The sultan in the example is our Lord, who is the pre-eternal and post-eternal sultan. The first servant, who was given ten gold coins, is an animal. Ten gold coins is the value of the feelings and organs given to it. The servant who was given one thousand gold coins is a human being. One thousand gold coins given to him is the value of the feelings and organs like the mind, heart, eyes and tongue given to him. The market is this world. The paper put in the pocket of the second servant is the Quran and the heavenly books.

Yes, man did not come to this world to live like an animal and take pleasure. The gold given to him is for an important trade. If he were sent to this world to live like an animal, what was the use of such valuable organs and feelings? He would be given as few gold coins as animals and so much money would not be spent.

Although this is the fact, deists claim that they were created to live like animals and they say, “We live like animals, die and disappear.” They virtually act insanely.

We will try to prove definitely how nonsensical deism is with the permission of Allah.

Risale-i Nur Collection written by Badiuzzaman Said Nursi is used as a reference book in this work. Our addressee in this work is a deist person. We will talk to him and prove how nonsensical deism is.

He who watches this work by using his mind and conscience as a referee will get rid of the illness of deism inshallah.

The necessity of the sending of prophets and books is proved with the certainty of two plus two equaling four in this work.

Help, assistance, guidance and salvation come from Allah.

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