Belief in the Messenger of Allah 8


It is very rare to oppose the customs and beliefs in a small tribe and regarding a minor issue and to show steadfastness and perseverance against their unjust obstinacy; it can be done only by exceptional people.

Let us explain this rule a bit. Suppose that you study at a university. All of the rules of the university and the views of all students are contrary to you. How much can you express your beliefs aloud and how long can you resist the pressures against you there?

Or, suppose that you live in a small district. Your thoughts and world-views are contrary to the residents of this district. Every resident of the district acts contrarily to you. How much can you defend your beliefs and how long can you practice them?

We gave examples from a school and a small district. Now, let us have a look at what Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) did.

  • Not a school or a small district but the Arabian Peninsula and the whole world was an enemy of him.
  • He emerged with a big cause that made their blood boil and that was difficult to accept, not a small cause.
  • He did not oppose a few customs; he opposed them in their beliefs and customs that became part of their character.
  • He told them that their beliefs were wrong and that their customs were aberrant.
  • When he did it, he did not show any traces of hesitation, panic or fear; he spread his cause with steadfastness and tranquility of heart.
  • He defeated them alone and made big states and empires obey him.
  • Is it possible to doubt that he is an exceptional person and that he is Allah’s prophet when he says, “I am Allah’s prophet”?

People cannot oppose other people and express their views related to minor issues in small groups. When they say, and when they face opposition, they retreat and give up their cause. We often see this situation in our daily life. We cannot say, “Give up smoking! It is harmful!” to even our closest relatives. We give up telling them about its harms due to the possible reactions from them.

Think of uttering statements like, “Change your religion; your religion is aberrant. Give up your customs. These customs are not suitable at all for a human being.” Then, you will put up with their tortures, never show any hesitation and will not give up your cause. It is not possible for everybody to do it.

Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) did this hard thing in the past very easily. Nobody was able to make him give up his cause. He lived among his enemies but he spoke loudly and told them what he knew. In addition, he practiced everything that he told them. Considering these facts, whose prophethood can we believe if we do not believe in his prophethood?

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