5 His high ethics originates from His honesty


The connection of high ethics with the ground of reality is honesty. Honesty pumps blood to all traits of high ethics just like the heart pumping blood to the whole body. All nice traits can live only through faithfulness and honesty. If a person does not have honesty, high ethics does not settle in him and all of the nice traits die.

If we liken high ethics to a tree, each trait will be a fruit of this tree, and faithfulness and honesty will be its water or roots. If water is not give to a tree, or if the roots of a tree are cut off, the tree will dry up and its fruits will rot away; similarly, if faithfulness and honesty, which are the water and roots of the tree of high ethics, do not exist, all of the other traits will be eliminated. What gives life and strength to all nice traits is faithfulness and honesty only.

Can you find the attributes like taqwa, ascetism, sincerity and courage in a person who tells lies and deceives people? You cannot find the nice traits in him let alone their highest levels…

Let us look at Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) under the light of this general rule. He was equipped with all of the traits of high ethics. This indicates his faithfulness and honesty. If he had not been honest, those nice traits would not have been seen in him. When honesty leaves, high ethics dries and its fruits rot away. In that case,

  • Since he is equipped with all of the traits of high ethics, he definitely has faithfulness and honesty. According to the rule mentioned above, if he had not been honest, he would not have had such high ethics.
  • Since he has faithfulness and honesty, whatever he says is true and he cannot tell lies.
  • Since whatever he says is true, he must be a prophet of Allah. For, he says, “I am a prophet of Allah.” It is not possible for a person who is very faithful and honest regarding every issue to tell a lie regarding this issue.

We want to attract your attention to this point: If he does not tell the truth, it means – God forbid – he slanders Allah and lies. There cannot be any other explanation between them. He is either the most honest person of the honest ones or he is – God forbid – the most dishonest person among the dishonest ones who overstepped the limits so much as to slander Allah. He cannot be between these two states.

Can you ever think that this person, who is equipped with all traits of high ethics, can be the most dishonest person among the dishonest ones? Even Satan cannot think it is possible.

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