3- The essence of life and the existence of angels

The essence of life and the existence of angels

The essence of life proves the existence of angels.

The essence and value of life is a proof that the skies cannot be empty of angels and spiritual beings. It is as follows:

Life is the most important cause of this universe. It is the utmost result of it.

It is the utmost benefaction and the most perfect result of it.

It is the most wonderful art of this realm in terms of its value and essence.

A lifeless material which is even as big as a mountain would be an orphan, poor and lonely. Its relationship is only with the place it is located in and the things that intervene in it. In this regard, nothing in the universe is nonexistent when compared with that mountain because it has neither a life so that it can have a relation with it, nor a mind to be concerned with the materials of it. Now look at the tiny body of a honeybee. The moment life enters into it, it establishes such a relation with the whole universe and it starts to have such a trade with the whole universe mostly with the plants and flowers of the earth that it may virtually speak as follows: “This earth is my garden and land of trade.” This bee establishes a kind of friendship with the earth thanks to life and has a possession.

By considering all qualities of life, it can be said that there is no existence without life. It is just like nonexistence.

Since life has such an importance and this small world has been filled with various life forms because of its importance, the following result is definitely reached: these heavenly palaces and high towers of skies have been filled up with life forms peculiar to them and that have life and conscious. These luminous beings live there just like fish live in water.

Imagine an aquarium which has been prepared perfectly and adorned but which has no fish in. In that case, the beauty of this aquarium has no meaning. Similarly, if this universe which has been created with wisdom and adorned but has not been enlivened with life forms, it will lose its beauty and wisdom just like that aquarium.

Now think. If there were no life forms in our world, how would the world be? Would it have any importance? If its mountains were made of gold, its stones were ruby and its soil were emerald, would it have any importance? Let alone the world, if Paradise were deprived of life forms despite its beauty and had no living beings, would it be of any importance? Definitely not!

Since life is so precious and is an essential part of the existence, how can it be said that the skies are empty and lifeless?

Is it possible that Allah Almighty, who gave so much importance to life and who is enlivening it with life forms every moment with so many important results, would let the stars be empty and unadorned? Would His wisdom let it be so? Definitely not!

For this reason, He created beings known as angels and spiritual beings and made them the inhabitants and viewers of those places.

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