17 # That his words are still in hearts and spirits is one of the evidences of his prophethood

Belief in the Messenger of Allah


This is a fixed rule: Only a little effect can be obtained as a result of intimidation and giving glad tidings through things that are not real; and minds can only be fooled for a short time. The effect of such intimidation and glad tidings will not continue; and they cannot penetrate the spirit.

Then we have a touchstone: We will look at the effect of something to see if intimidation and giving glad tidings are true. We will examine how long it can continue its effect on minds, hearts, spirits and consciences. If its effect disappears after a short time, the intimidation and glad tidings are untruthful and deceptive. If the effect of the intimidation and glad tidings continues and if influences the mind and conscience of people by challenging centuries, the intimidation and glad tidings are real. There is no deception in it.

Now that we have learned this general rule, let us look at the effect of the intimidation and glad tidings of this person. If the effect is superficial, his guidance is unreal. If the effect continues in the hearts and minds, his guidance is true.

We want to quote the words of Lamartine, a western philosopher, regarding the issue. He states the following: “Was the Prophet Muhammad a false prophet? Once we have studied his works and history, we cannot think so because false prophethood is hypocrisy. Hypocrisy has no convincing power. Lies do not have the strength of honesty. In physics, when an object is thrown, the place it can reach is proportional to the launching power. Similarly, the power of a spiritual inspiration is proportional to the effect it has. Islam, which carries so many things, spread so much, and continues for so long with the same power cannot be a lie. ”

Then, look at the guidance of Muhammad (pbuh). This person spoke 1,400 years ago, but the influence of his words is still going on. Over 1.5 billion people believe in his words and are subject to him in every century. Those who are not subject to him confirm the truth of his words. If this person had told a lie, would the occurrence of such an effect be possible?

This person spoke 14 centuries ago, but the effect of his words is still in minds, hearts, spirits and conscience. It means there is a big truth in his words since they still influence people despite the passing of centuries. Such an influence can only be explained by the fact that what he said was true and real. If his intimidation had been a lie and if his glad tidings had been untrue, his words would not influence people now; both the person himself and his words would have been forgotten.

O Lord! Do not separate us from the service of belief and the Quran. Accept this work from us and make it atonement our sins. Be pleased with our brothers and sisters who made efforts to spread this work. Gather all of us next to the Pool of Kawthar with the Prophet on the Day of Gathering! Make this work a means of intercession for us by the Prophet! Amin!

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