13 # Hz. Muhammad is the messenger of Allah with the witnessing of thousands of miracles

The focal point of this evidence is miracles.

Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) showed more than one thousand miracles. Splitting the moon into two with the sign of one finger; throwing dust at the enemy soldiers with his hand and dust entering the eyes of the enemies; flowing of water between his fingers; animals talking to him; giving information about the things that will happen in the future and those things occurring exactly as he informed; trees talking upon his order and confirming his prophethood; and hundreds of similar miracles.

We will not go into the details of the miracles. If you want to learn these miracles, Badiuzzaman Said Nursi reported 300 of them with their chain of narrators in his work called 19. Mektup (19th Letter). You can also find these miracles in other books of siyar and learn from them.

All of these miracles were conveyed to us by tawatur. We will use the word tawatur a lot in this evidence; so, let us explain its meaning:

Tawatur: Tawatur means true and real news reported by a large number of people who are impossible to tell a lie through reliable chains of narrators. The miracles of Hz. Muhammad are news like tawatur. More than 1000 of his miracles were reported by hadith books through chains of narrators.

Based on these miracles, we say: A person who has so many clear miracles along with his high ethics and perfection must definitely be Allah’s prophet.

There may be some people who say I do not believe in something that I have not seen with my eyes and I have not seen any miracles with my eyes.

We can prove to you that miracles occurred.

You may say: How will you prove it? Will you make us travel in time?

There is no need to travel in time. Do you believe in the science of history?

In other words, the branch of science that analyzes events in the past, based on resources, and showing place, time and doers.

If you believe in history, it means you accept that you do not need to see something it in order to accept it. We did not see the Stone Age or the foundation of Rome; however, we accept the things that we are told about them.

However, none of these reports, which we accept, are as strong as tawatur. Many of them are based on findings and are estimated information obtained as a result of diggings. You accept this information as if you have seen it with your own eyes without ever questioning it. When you read history, you never use the phrase “I do not believe in it since I have not seen it with my eyes”, which you say about miracles. That is, you do not lay seeing with your own eyes as a condition to believe in something.

Since you do not lay seeing with your own eyes as a condition, you have to accept the existence of miracles. For, the information that the miracles occurred reached us with tawatur; the information about history is not so strong.

That is, there are two ways:

  • You will accept the existence of miracles as you accept the science of history.
  • Or, you will deny the science of history and ignore everything that you have learned up to now. If you do it, you can deny miracles too.
  • You cannot believe in one and deny the other. It means contradicting yourself.

Now, we ask you: Do you accept the science of history?

We hear as if you say, “Shall I say no and make people laugh at me?”

It means you can believe in the things that you do not see with your eyes if the experts agree on it. You even trust in the knowledge obtained as a result of diggings and you do not question them. Then, why do you object to miracles?

You cannot say miracles are the news that people made up afterwards.

See what John Davenport, the English scientist says: He says, “Among famous prophets and conquerors, there is nobody whose biography was recorded in detail and in the most reliable way like the life of Hz. Muhammad.”

Yes, even a British scientist says that Hz. Muhammad’s life was recorded in a very sound manner and no one’s life in history has been recorded in this way. The reason for this is as follows:  The deeds and actions of our Prophet are a source for Islamic decrees. For this reason, the Companions recorded almost every deed, almost every breath of our Prophet. If this person had not shown miracles, could the miracles have been included in his biography with fabricated news under such careful eyes?

And we said, “Miracles are as strong as tawatur.” There is a large community that witnesses an incident in tawatur. Each of them tells the story in the way he sees it; and those who listen to it tell it to others; then, they tell it to others and it reaches us, the name of those who report it being recorded. If you do not believe the news by these people who are not supposed to tell lies by any means, will you believe in the, the historians who tell you about the Stone Age and the Iron Age?

It is necessary to understand the following point well: The only way to deny miracles is to deny the science of history. If you say, “I deny the science of history”, we will not have a word to tell you.

If a person is a Jew or a Christian who believes in miracles but belongs to the heavenly religions that deny Hz Muhammad (pbuh), not believing cannot be in question for him. We will ask him,

How do you know that Hz. Isa (Jesus) was a prophet sent by Allah? How do you know that – God forbid – he is not he a liar and a cheater?

He will give the following answer to that question: I know that he was sent by Allah because he showed miracles. For example, he resurrected birds, healed ill people, blew into the bird sculpture he made from mud and the bird revived and flew away by means of his prayer. And he showed many other miracles like these.

We will state the following for that answer: It means you believe in tawatur, that is, the news that is impossible to be wrong and that is transmitted by a powerful congregation. For, you did not see the miracles that were shown by Jesus, and you did not witness them personally, but you believe in those miracles. It means you accept the news that is as strong as tawatur.

Then you have to believe in the prophethood of Muhammad (pbuh) because the miracles that were shown by Muhammad (pbuh) reached us by tawatur. If you believe in tawatur, you have to believe in these reports. If you say, “I do not believe in tawatur”, you will have no words to say about the miracles of Jesus. For, you did not see any miracles of him with your own eyes, and you were not with Jesus when those miracles occurred

In that case, there are two ways:

  • You will deny tawatur and say, “I do not believe what I have not seen with my eyes and these reports are fake.” In that case, you have to deny Jesus too.
  • Or, you will accept tawatur as evidence; as a result of this acceptance, you will have to believe in the miracles of Muhammad (pbuh) just as you believe in the miracles of Jesus.
  • The third way is to accept tawatur about Jesus but not to accept it about Muhammad (pbuh), which is a contradiction; it cannot be accepted by justice and conscience. In that case, you will not have any word to say for the miracles of your prophet. That is, you cannot prove the prophethood of your own prophet.

It is an undeniable fact that Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) has better and higher miracles that are accepted as a basis for prophethood than all of the previous prophets.

That is, to accept miracles related to Hz. Isa (Jesus), Hz. Musa (Moses) and other prophets but to deny miracles related to Muhammad (pbuh), who showed miracles superior to those of the other prophets with the permission of Allah, is an attitude that cannot be shown by fair people.

We complete the evidence of miracle here. We refer those who want to know more than one thousand miracles of the Prophet Muhammad to the related books of history and siyar; we particularly recommend the work 19. Mektup (19th Letter) written by Badiuzzaman Said Nursi.

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