12- What were angels created from and what are the duties of Angels?

12- What were angels created from and what are the duties of Angels?

Angels are luminous creatures that were created from light. As Allah created angels from light, He also created them from meaning, air, words and also luminous and pleasant matters such as ether. (ether: is a matter that lets electricity, light and warmth move).

Angels are responsible for all kinds of tasks in the universe either material or spiritual. Every created being has an appointed peculiar angel. There is an angel that observes everything from the movement of electrons around the nucleus to the falling of rain drops from the fall of meteors to the movements of planets. Every angel acclaims the divine works that they observe and represent the glorification of that creature in the inner world. They get spiritual pleasure while they are performing these tasks and they perform them caressively without rebelling.

Angels have different duties according to their types. We can arrange the duties of angels in the light of the verse of the Qur’an and some glorious hadiths as follows:

1- Exonerating Allah from any wrong and deficient thought, Glorifying Him during day and night, and praising Him and exalting Him in a way that is worthy of Him.

2- Sending revelations to the prophets of Allah.

3- Glorifying prophets and praying for the goodness of all people on earth.

4- Supporting prophets and believers with a spiritual power, and relieving them during trouble and sad moments and giving trouble to the unbelievers.

5- Serving man as protectors of them.

6- Recording the deeds of man.

7- Serving as a means for divine works that are being run in the universe.

8- Working for the creation and death of man.

9- Working as servants that execute divine punishments.

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