Scientific Miracles of the Quran

Scientific Miracles of the Quran, 24 – The Red Rose in the Sky

The Red Rose in the Sky In the 37th surah of ar-Rahman, our Lord states the following; When the sky is rent asunder, and becomes a crimson rose like melted oil.” (Surah, ar-Rahman: 37) The word اَلدِّهَانُ (addihan) in the verse is used for two meanings. The first one is hot oil and the other […]

Scientific Miracles of the Quran, 19 – Roundness of the Earth

People used to have serious contradictions about the shape of the earth for centuries and most of them claimed that the earth was flat just like a tray. The roundness of the earth has been verified as a result of logical and mathematical explanations over the last centuries. And after the development of technology, it […]

Scientific Miracles of the Quran, 14 – The Movement of Montains

“Thou seest the mountains and thinkest them firmly fixed: but they shall pass away as the clouds pass away.” (an-Naml: 88) With this verse, the Quran informs us that mountains are not motionless as they seem, but are in constant motion. What does the movement of mountains like clouds mean? What do scientists say about […]

Scientific Miracles of the Quran, 16 – The Importance of Moving in Sleep

Scientific Miracles of the Qur’an The Importance of Moving in Sleep The story of the people of the cave in the verse of the Qur’an refers to many scientific facts. We discussed some part of these scientific facts in our other videos. In this video, we are going to examine the indication of this story […]

The News of Ghayb From The Qur’an

The News of Ghayb From The Qur’an, 4: CALAMITIES THAT BEFALL PHARAOH

“We punished the people of Pharaoh with years (of drought) and shortness of crops; that they might receive admonition.” (al-Araf, 130) So We sent (plagues) on them; wholesale Death Locusts, Lice, Frogs, and Blood: signs openly Self-explained; but they were steeped in arrogance, a people given to sin. (al-Araf, 133) Similar verses of the Qur’an […]

The News of Ghayb From The Qur’an, 5: The Flood of Noah

We (once) sent Noah to his people, and he tarried among them a thousand years less fifty: but the Deluge overwhelmed them while they (persisted in) sin. But We saved him and the Companions of the Ark, and We made the (Ark) a Sign for all Peoples! (Surah al-Ankaboot: 14-15) These and other verses of […]

The News of Ghayb From The Qur’an, 1: The Victory of the Byzantine

For more detailed information, you can visit the websites below.It is impossible for a person who cannot read and write to inform about the Ghayb (unseen, unknown) and the information given by him to turn out to be right all the time. When we divide the Ghayb into two as future and past, it is […]

The News of Ghayb From The Qur’an, 3:THE DROWNING OF THE PHARAOH

And remember We divided the sea for you and saved you and drowned Pharaoh’s people within your very sight.” (Al-Baqara 50) And when the two bodies saw each other, the people of Moses said: “We are sure to be overtaken.” (Moses said: “By no means! my Lord is with me! Soon will He guide me! […]

Belief in The Hereafter

Belief in the Hereafter – 4 – The Proof of Wisdom

The Proof of Wisdom Is it at all possible that the Lord of Majesty, who does everything with endless wisdom, would not bring the hereafter, would not bestow favors on believers who take refuge in Him and would make His endless wisdom be denied and would reduce that endless wisdom to nothing? Definitely not! We […]

Belief in the Hereafter – 5 – The Proof of Justice

The Proof of Justice Is it at all possible for a Just and Wise Being, who does everything with absolute wisdom, not to maintain the rights of His creatures, not to obtain the right of the oppressed from the oppressor andto reduce justice to nothing?  This justice exists virtually here; so, it means there is […]

Belief in the Hereafter – 10 – The Proof of Preserving

Belief in the Hereafter # 10 : The Proof of Preserving Is it at all possible that the preserver that preserves everything whether small or big  in the heavens and on the earth should not preserve the deeds and acts of man, who has been given the rank of vicegerency on earth and should not […]

Belief in The Hereafter – 15 – Eternity of Gods Power

Belief in the Hereafter # 15 : Eternity of God’s Power We will present the last evidence regarding the existence of the hereafter. Unlike other evidences, we will mention the eternity of God’s power. To deny the hereafter originates from not being able to understand the nature of God’s power. When the nature of the […]
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